If you are considering attending the upcoming International Teaching and Education Conference, please find below a set of commonly asked questions that may assist you in your preparations.

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Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.

Is there a possibility of a discounted registration price?

While complete waivers are not offered, discounts can be considered for registration. If you are interested in availing a discount, send an email to the conference email address.

How can I request a professional visa invitation letter?

To request a visa invitation letter, you need to first complete your registration. Upon successful registration and payment of the registration fee, you will receive the invitation letter.

Can I make on-site payments at the conference venue?

No, on-site payments are not accepted by the organizer. All payments should be completed before the conference date to allow time for planning of the conference.

If one person registers for the conference, will all co-authors receive certificates?

If you have a paper to present, one person can register as a presenter, and all co-authors will receive certificates. However, if the co-authors also wish to attend or share the presentation at the conference, they should complete their individual registrations.

Can a Proforma Invoice of the conference fees be issued for my institution?

To request a proforma invoice for conference fees, please provide the attendee's information and the chosen attendance method (oral, virtual, or listener). Additionally, mention if there are any specific details to be included on the proforma invoice.

Will the registration fee be refunded if the visa application is rejected?

There is no refund policy for registration fees. However, if your visa application is rejected, you can still participate in the conference virtually.

When is the deadline for submission of Abstract and full paper?

Refer to the “Important dates” page regarding the abstract submission deadline. Full paper will be requested after the conference for publication opportunities.

How do I submit my abstract?

To submit your abstract, simply complete the submission form, ensuring that all required information is accurately provided.

Who evaluates the submitted abstracts?

The Conference Reviewers’ Committee conducts a thorough evaluation of all submissions to ensure their suitability for presentation.

What happens if the abstract is accepted?

Upon acceptance of your abstract, you will receive an Acceptance Letter from the Conference Scientific Committee, enabling you to register for the conference and secure your place as a presenter.

What is the word count requirement for the abstract and the page limit for the full paper?

The abstract should be within the range of 250-300 words, while the complete paper can extend to 12 pages, inclusive of references. For further details, please refer to the abstract/full paper format guidelines.

How many days does the review process take?

Normally the evaluation process will take 10-14 days.

What is the allotted time for presenters to deliver their work?

Each presenter is granted 15 minutes to convey their findings.

Will the full paper be published after the conference?

Absolutely! Following the conference, the Conference Scientific Committee will invite the submission of full papers for potential publication, providing an opportunity to expand on your research and reach a wider audience.

Does the conference provide a letter of invitation?

Invitation letters will be issued upon completion of registration and payment of the registration fee.

How long does it take to receive the invitation letter?

The conference secretariat will issue the invitation letter within a maximum of three working days after confirmation of registration.

What is the official language of the conference?

As the conference is an international event, English is the language which will be used as a lingua franca.

Is there any travel funding or accommodation services offered to participants?

There is no funding allocated for accommodation and travel expenses. Attendees are responsible for covering all costs related to travel, accommodation, and participation themselves. The conference organizer does not have any arrangements with hotels , however you can find a list of hotels close to the conference Venue on the Accommodation page of the Conference website. You can also check booking.com for further options.

Will each participant who presents their paper receive a dedicated certificate?

Each presenter will be awarded a Certificate of Presentation. Additionally, co-authors will receive a Certificate of Conference Participation.

What does virtual presentation entail?

Virtual presentations provide an avenue for presentation without the need for physical attendance at the conference. This option is chosen by presenters who are unable to be present in person but have had their submissions accepted. Following the conference, authors will receive their certificates electronically as acknowledgment of their virtual presentation, and will have the opportunity to submit for publication opportunities.

What is an extra paper fee?

Extra paper fee is for those who wish to present more than one paper at the conference. This option offers a discounted rate for the next papers.


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